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Our Vision

Resiliency is defined by Flexibility (adaptability and capability to withstand hardship), Self-expression & Insight (ability to understand one’s emotions and motivations and communicate them directly and openly), and Accountability (responsibility for one’s actions and behavior).

Altruism is defined by Empathy (ability to identify with and understand the feelings and thoughts of others), Conscience (sense of duty, awareness of right and wrong, understanding of how one’s actions affect others), and Gratitude (appreciation for others and desire to “give back” what’s been given).

Eagerness and Performance are defined by Individuality & Autonomy (independence of voice and action, ability to make decisions and see one’s behavior and identify as driven and unique) and Initiative (persistence, the power to begin and follow through on a track).

By learning to be more resilient, young people make an investment in strengthening themselves. By learning to be more altruistic, Legend In The Making students develop the desire to help others. By learning to actualize their eagerness and performance, students develop the skills to take action on behalf of themselves and others, thus becoming well-integrated everyday leaders.

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