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How The Aspirations Of One Organization Changed My Life

"This organization and Martesha especially has helped me throughout my secondary school career. Tirelessly she dedicates her all to students and those in the community that call upon her from homework help, project facilitation and numerous resources. During a tragic incident that happened in the times of my high school football career she disregarded her own studies to be apart of my care team along with additional family members, counselors and friends. Now I'm here and headed to the University of Tennessee!"

-Deandre Johnson, 17


Local Non-Profit Leader Leads Everyone To Degrees

"I decided to go back to school at the age of 29 to complete my bachelor's degree and it was difficult. I reached out to Martesha for helped and she played a major role in proofreading my essays, offering creative ideals for assignments, and being very hands on with my curriculum and in encouragement. Now at the age of 36 I am ready to attain my Masters degree and Martesha has been an amazing influence in me going back to school."

- Michelle Williams, 36

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