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Where Hope Starts To Heal

Legend In The Making Community Outreach, Inc. wants to spread the message of hope through education systems across Miami-Dade County. We are always raising funds and promoting awareness to instill faith in higher education and make a difference in the world. Through advocacy work, tutoring programs, community involvement, leadership activities, college readiness and other activities, our team works tirelessly each day with the same goals in mind ranging from: the reduction in teen pregnancy, increased literacy and math skills, an increase in self reliance, knowledge attitudes and skills, a decline in high school and middle school drop out rates, an increase in college acceptance rates, an increase in test scores, a decline in gang initiation and much more!



Legend In The Making Community Outreach Incorporated is a philanthropic leadership development that invests for the long-term in low income middle and high school students from Miami Dade County. The mission of Legend In The Making Community Outreach Inc. is to cultivate resiliency, eagerness, altruism and performance in young people who are at risk of failing to fulfill their potential in order to prepare these students to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and receive higher education so that they may lead in their communities.

Legend In The Making Community Outreach Inc. seeks to accomplish this mission through implementing experiential education programs, intensive long-term mentoring, and access to private resources that are usually unavailable to low-income students, including college counseling workshops and professional development. Throughout this unique and special intervention, students engage with other young people from diverse communities, find a forum to discover their authentic voices, and integrate their experiences into extended visions for their futures. The long term-goal of LITMCO is that individual students will not only transform their own lives, but that they develop and enhance skills and values to become a new generation of leaders, transforming the schools and communities in which they live.


"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Vincent van Gogh


Programs & Services

We strive to do it all here at Legend In The Making Community Outreach, Inc.. We work on many exciting initiatives to improve the lives of others, and are very proud of the work we do. These programs can provide critical and unique experiences that will alter personal development and life choices. Students are selected on the basis of four character attributes (other than academics): resiliency, eagerness, altruism and performance (“REAP”). Learn about our exciting initiatives, and what we are working on every day in order to promote change.

Year-Round Mentoring

Students exponentially benefit from a mandatory long-term mentoring program that involves bi-weekly contact with a highly trained Legend in The Making mentor. This mentoring will start when students are interviewed their Freshmen year and continues throughout high school and college. Mentoring emphasizes self-reflection and accountability and provides a consistent relationship with a caring individual who can help students develop relational, leadership and resiliency skills.

Experiential Education Programs

Students are provided with eye opening programs, workshops and supplies that are normally only available to affluent kids, such as ongoing tutoring sessions, academic enrichment and sexual education programs, professional development workshops, standardized test preparation materials, computer software, community service activities, and leadership expeditions.

College Prepatory Services

College preparation, admissions, scholarships and financial planning services are provided to help students navigate the college process successfully. Once students show verification of acceptance they will be provided with a gift for achievement.

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