According to the U.S. Census Bureau studies, more than 20% of Miami Dade County children live in “harshly distressed” neighborhoods. Young people existing in these societies are bounded by risk factors such as domestic and community violence, drugs, and teenage pregnancy, and often lack the kind of role models and community supports that could help them avoid such traps. In these communities, young people often lack access to people, knowledge, and resources that can help them achieve, and are left intensely isolated and severely at risk of failing to achieve their potential. These are the students LITMCO targets.
The Miami Dade County students also face traumatic educational trends. Studies demonstrate that not only have public school enrollment declined in this county in the previous decade but nearly a quarter of Miami Dade Public School students have limited English proficiency and more than one in 10 have special educational needs. This is evidenced by the high school dropout and retention rates for low-income high school students in many of the largest urban school districts which is now over 60%. Research shows that low-income, first generation, immigrant and/or minority families tend to be “uninformed and fearful” about the college and financial aid process, and typically overestimate the tuition costs and underestimate the availability of financial aid. As a result of these barriers and misconceptions more than of qualified low-income high school graduates did not attend college last year.
Yet census research illustrates that when low-income students do complete colleges, they disrupt the cycle of poverty for their whole family line, earn $1 million more over their lifetime, and send their own children to college at twice the rate of those without university degrees. Nevertheless, when this fails to happen time and time again, low expectations are reinforced and the cycle of poverty repeats.


Dedication. Diplomas. Degrees.



The LITMCO offers individual, group and ongoing support services including:

-Emergency needs assistance for food, clothing, beds, transportation and more.

-Mentors and connection to
positive adult supporters

-Bus passes and social, fitness, art and recreation activities

- Back to School Shopping and Holiday gifts

- Referrals to Community Resources


The LITMCO Program provides tutoring and educational activities including:

- Prevention Education (drop out, pregnancy, substance abuse, anti-bullying, juvenile crime)

- Tutoring from certified teachers, peers, and volunteers

- Homework Assistance & after school programs

- Counselors at individual schools to ensure that youth are on track for graduation

- College Tours

- College Preparation and Inclusion services


The LITMCO Program encompasses activities that promote self-sufficiency and empowerment including:

- Employment skills training

- Career exploration and corporate exposure

- Job Shadowing & Career Mentoring

- Service Learning projects/Internships/Job placement

- Job skills training on resume writing, interviewing techniques, dress for success, and more

The Outcome

The goals for youth in the LITMCO Program is to:

Attain academic or vocational/education goals that are in keeping with the youth’s abilities and interests

Have sufficient economic resources to meet their daily needs

Postpone parenthood until financially established and emotionally mature

Avoid illegal/high risk behaviors

Have access to physical and mental health services

A sense of mastery and a confidence that one’s own labors can make a difference,

Constructive school experiences,

The ability or opportunity to make a difference by, for example, helping others through volunteering, or under-taking part time work,

Strong social support networks,

A range of extra-curricular activities that promote the learning of competencies and emotional maturity,

The presence of at least one unconditionally supportive parent/parent substitute,

Exposure to thought-provoking circumstances which provide opportunities to advance both problem-solving abilities and emotional coping skills.

Measurements & Strategies

We plan to measure our progress in Miami by utilizing a system of developing measurements
LITMCO Completion Rate
High School Graduation Rate
High School Retention Rate
Test Scores
Essay Completion Rate
College Matriculation
College Retention

Qualitative Measures:
Will use several methods to collect specific data about the performance of the program, including: Student Essays, Ongoing Student/Staff Contact, Response from Referring Sources, Response from program directors, and Alumni Involvement. In addition to the results with individual kids, there is also an exponential “ripple effect” that is compelling and, overtime, begins to affect schools and communities. The LITMCO process is not a “band-aid” solution, but a lengthy and sustained intervention that promotes change in young people that is both profound and lasting. LITMCO students will demonstrate that this investment in individual students is worthwhile as they go on to use their growth and talents to break cycles and become role models and leaders in their families and communities.


Be the Change

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Prospective Students

We are always looking for new students with potential to add to our roster. With every application you give us hope! This matriculation process is extensive but it guarantees your success.


We need you to make a difference here at Legend In The Making Community Outreach, Inc. Just like prospective students, we are always looking for experienced mentors (preferably with college degrees) that are willing to lend knowledge , guidance, support and their hearts to our students.

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